Why TVLowcost USA?

TVlowcost was created to offer advertisers an alternative to high priced agencies. In today’s economy this offering becomes even more interesting. This new model gives you the opportunity to advertise your brand in tv ads without sacrificing the quality you deserve. Complete execution, including; creative concepting, production, research and media placement are included in a one time package price. This bundled approach coupled with a very focused and streamlined process allows us to deliver a high quality product cheaper and quicker than traditional high cost agencies. Something we believe is attractive to every prospective client.  


If, like John Wanamaker, you feel that “half of your advertising budget is waisted”, why not switching to TVLowCost? You will save a lot of money and discover that TV advertising can be both low cost and efficient!

john wanamaker at TVLowCst

 “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half” (John Wanamaker)

John Wanamaker opened his first store in 1861, called “Oak Hall”, in Philadelphia. Oak Hall grew substantially based on Wanamaker’s then-revolutionary principle: “One price and goods returnable”. In 1875 he purchased an abandoned railroad depot and converted it into a large store, called John Wanamaker & Co. “The Grand Depot” is considered the first department store in Philadelphia.

John Wanamaker was an innovator, creative in his work, and a merchandising and advertising genius, though modest and with an enduring reputation for honesty.

He is the author of this famous phrase : “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half” (sometimes wrongly attributed to David Ogilvy).

This issue seems to be, even today, a valid issue for many advertisers! Here again, we believe that TVLowCost unique approach is a strong garanty for advertisers that they will save a lot of money in comparison to what they could risk waisting with “high cost” traditional advertising agencies who fight too often with clients to impose them their point of view and their outrageous costs! Not speaking about their creative “dictators” refusing to pretest their campaigns with consumers, because “they know” what is good for the brand!

 When working with any TVLowCost agency in the countries where we are, a client will adopt the “All included TVLowCost Pack” where pre-test focus group is automatic, where Brand awareness barometer is automatic, where reduced costs is automatic.

So, if you are concerned about the amount of money you dedicate to advertising, come to us, and you will start by reducing spectacularly the amount of your budget and reducing spectacularly the risks of being not efficient !

At TVLowCost, « we try harder »! Like in this famous slogan, we fight against traditional advertising agencies, pure products of the « high cost » culture. We demonstrate everywhere that a TV advertising agency can be both low cost and high quality.

TVLowCost we try harder
“We try harder”, AVIS famous campaign is a perfect example of what we try to do every day in the different countries where our TVLowCost network is established. Convincing advertisers that, at last, TV advertising is affordable for their brands, and that what they heard from “high cost” advertising agencies is not true anymore.
NO, to be seen on national TV channels, one does not need to invest its advertising budget on Peak Time exclusively. TVLowCost will provide you with excellent alternative media planning, using plenty of cheaper possibilities, with a high degree of efficiency.
NO, to shoot a creative & convincing commercial, it is not necessary to travel abroad to an exotic location. Excellent TV commercials can be shot “in town”, creativity is not function of the number of kilometers! TVLowCost reduces the bill like that.
NO, 35mm shooting is not better that High Definition Video, consumers will not see the difference, but the cost will be very different! TVLowCost uses the latest HD digital cameras, much more adapted to modern televisions diffusion.
NO, to conceive a brilliant TV advertising, your agency does not need to be situated in a very expensive and “ modern design” headquarter located in the most expensive area of the town. What counts really is the talent and dedication of the people working on your brand! At TVLowCost, our offices are situated in convenient and simple offices. Our client’s money does not have to pay for our “luxurious way of life”
NO, it is not necessary to wait for months to leave your agency plenty of time and plenty of monthly fees, to elaborate several convincing TV spots. In 8 weeks,TVLowCost will deliver you the finalized spots, consumer pretest included. 8 weeks and 6 steps involving you… and no monthly fee…
NO, covering the walls of your advertising agency’s entrance and agency’s meeting rooms with Awards is not a proof that this agency will do an efficient TV advertising for your brand! It could even be a sign that this agency is mostly interested by its “glory”! Never forget that to win awards, agencies have to seduce other creative jury’s, it has sometimes little to do with seducing and convincing consumers… AtTVLowCost our only obsession is your market share!

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